Request: Related products from purchase history (customers who bought this....)

I’ve seen people ask about something like this on the forum many times. My old store had this mod and it was an awesome, time-saving cross-selling tool.

My favorite Miva Merchant developers ( created it. It’s so awesome I’m going to copy the description from their version to help explain what I’d like to see done for cs-cart:

[QUOTE]This unique module automatically suggests products customers might be interested in, providing a “customers who bought this also bought” type of functionality. It analyzes a product, or even an entire basket, and, based on previous purchases containing the same items and relevancy options, calculates the top X most related products.

How it works: When first installed the module queries any existing orders on your server and builds a related products index. This index is updated as new orders are placed, making the module continually “smarter” at suggesting products over time. By default, it prioritizes based on count. The more times customers have ordered a product in combination with another product, the higher the priority on the related products list. You can change the priority to price, ascending or descending, so higher or lower priced items are pushed first. The sorting options may be adjusted for each page independently. The real power of the module lies in the ability to apply this logic to an entire basket, determining the most likely products a customer will also purchase. If using Merchant’s inventory tracking feature, you can also filter products so that only those with a quantity greater than X are displayed.[/QUOTE]

I could edit a product and add or remove products from the ‘related products from purchase history’. Under that tab, there was a list of products and the “count” displayed next to the products that had been ordered. At the top, I had this option:

“To manually adjust the count for a related product, enter the related product code, and a positive or negative amount to adjust the count by.”

Product Code: ________

Adjust by: ______