Request: New Carrier Addon

I'm looking for company who can create and integrate new real time shipping method.
Shipping company LP Express, all documentation is provided here:
Our CS-Cart version is 3.4.5

What we expect:
On status change to Complete:
- system automatically must send new order information to courier;
- add tracking number (with link to check online at courier website) to CS-Cart and to same number with link to email that is send to customer;
- receive labels for printing;
- receive orders manifest that could be printed (for deliveries of the day)

Ability to see all ordered parcels;
Sent email with link to customer if he asks for.

We plan to use only three types of deliveries provided by courier, those would be: EB, AB, HC (

All additional info as logins, test links etc. we will provide later on.

Our budget for this is 250 - 300 eur. Can somedy make addon for us?


We are at your Service. Feel Free to PM Me.