[REQUEST] Integrate Curebit into Cs-cart

We are looking to have Curebit integrated into our checkout process for Version 3.0.4. You can view what is entailed here - https://www.curebit.com/docs/ecommerce/custom . I can provide a direct link to more specific integration that was provided by Curebit. Would like this to be an addon where I do not have to make any modifications to any templates to make upgrading cs cart easier. Should be as simple as uploading addon via ftp, installing in admin, and setting my Curebit store id.

You can raise your voice here - http://cscart.uservoice.com/forums/40782-professional

Actually, I was posting a request to any of the third party developers here. I am more than willing to pay for this.


I have done the addon using Custom Site Integration (Synchronous SCRIPT Method) ( [url=“https://www.curebit.com/docs/ecommerce/custom#client_js_synchronous”]https://www.curebit.com/docs/ecommerce/custom#client_js_synchronous[/url] ),

Please PM me if you need it.