request for testing and feedback

Hi, all -

I just made my CS-Cart 2.08 site go live today:

If anyone would be so kind as to take it for a spin, I’d greatly appreciate it. In particular, I’m hoping to hear the following:

  1. Most importantly, are you able to add items to the shopping cart (or, “shopping basket”, as we call it)? I’ve had two customers call to say they couldn’t (one with Safari and one with AOL), though I’ve been unable to duplicate the problem myself.

    I’m keeping my eye on this thread relating to the subject: [URL=“”][/URL]

  2. How is the performance versus what’s to be expected from a CS-Cart installation?

  3. Do you have any feedback on the site?

    Feel free to place dummy orders using the “check, by mail” payment method. If you do, though, please mention that you’re a CS-Cart forum member in the customer notes to avoid confusion for our order processors!

    Thank you very much in advance.