(REQ) CS-Cart Downloads Add-On

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I would like an add-on coded for CS-Cart.

Addon: Product Downloads Extended

This new addon allows product download files to have 2 new options:


[]Existing Product

]S3 File


Problem & Background:

Currently CS-Cart allows you to choose a file(s) for a digital product that is then moved to the downloads area. You can choose from


[]Local (upload)

]Server (a file already on the server) or

[]URL (link to upload the file from a URL)


This issue comes if you want to create a bundle product that could use files aleady in the downloads folder (already used for another single product), you cant do it :-( - you have to re-add duplicate files.

Als, there is no way to simply use an externally hosted solution such as Amazon S3 to host protected downloads



]Must use CS-Cart Add-on funtionality (install/activate etc) - if core changes must be made they must be detailed and advised

[]S3 must use the Amazon API secret keys etc to generate instant links for files using S3 functionality.

]Add-on must respect the current downloads limitations in terms of number of downloads/epiry dates etc

[*]You should be an expert in coding for CS-Cart, preferably add-ons




cs-cart ALWAYS copies data (local, server or url) to a separate area so that it has a local copy and can manage the download keys.

Arguably, one would think that a url should be “referenced” rather than “copied”. But the trouble becomes what to do when the download key expires and the link still exists.

Why is is a problem to have your download source files on the local server and then for each product, just assign to the correct server file?

In my opinion cs-cart is missing at the moment, for downloadable products the ability to add separate files for each product option.

Download files should be done similarly to options. You can either copy (make unique) the download or reference it (link to it in cs-cart terminology).

I for one would like to be able to use generic references for my addon products. I.e. obj_feed.tgz versus obj_feed_v2.2.21.tgz and when I changed it on MY server, that it just picked it up. Right now, if I set it up to use obj_feed.tgz it will copy the file to my cart and then associate that copy with the product. Adds work on my end to have to continually update product downloads every time there's a new version.


Did anyone ever program this for you? I wanted to use an external service like Amazon S3 to host my downloadable files too.