Reposting question

I posted this question a few days ago but it looks as if it never posted so I will ask again: We are needing a new cart and want one that we can intergrate into our website. Is there anyway we can just transfer everything over to cs-cart, design and all and then build our cart area from there. We are very computer savvy but are trying to learn.

You would need a custom skin created. The easiest way would be to hire someone to do that for you. It’s not something I’d be able to do myself. I don’t have anyone to recommend, but maybe someone else does.

if you have a psd of your design it can be ported over to CS-Cart. If not it can be done with images and css.

What is a psd? I misquoted in my original post saying that we are computer savvy, I meant to say that we are NOT computer savvy but learning. We built with Dreamweaver CS3. Here is our site

PSD = Photoshop Document

oh, okay, we have psd then

Judging by the skills presented on, I would strongly advise to hire someone. CS-Cart is not the hardest but it is pretty advanced.

Hiring someone is a great idea but we cannot afford that plus we want to be able to change things without going through someone. Once we are a bigger company then we will hire someone to do it for us