Reposition Live Help box?

Can you tell me if I have to edit a template, or can I reposition it from within the admin panel, like the Ads module.


At the present moment there is not ‘selectable area’ in which to show live help.

If you can screenshot me where you want it to go I’ll be able to assist you,

otherwise in main.tpl (/skins//customer/main.tpl) you will find the appropriate coding, just cut and paste where you want it to be displayed.


Thanks for your offer of help. I’ll take a little look and see how I get on :slight_smile:

Huh, you can get it to work?! :slight_smile:


[quote name=‘StrangeRanger’]Huh, you can get it to work?! :slight_smile:


Um… the question was :cool:

My live help is working perfectly. Are you guys having problems ?