Replacing DropDown Menu

Can anyone help as replacing default dropdown menu with this.

Demo :

Demo of dependent Multiple drop down list box using PHP MySQL

Info - Download script

PHP dynamic population of drop down list based on selection of one list

Thank You

This may help, long job if yoiu have many products

[url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Thanks, but I would only use for replace “emenu”, I find terms here replace :

```php */

@$cat=$_GET[‘cat’]; // Use this line or below line if register_global is off

if(strlen($cat) > 0 and !is_numeric($cat)){ // to check if $cat is numeric data or not.

echo “Data Error”;



//@$cat=$HTTP_GET_VARS[‘cat’]; // Use this line or above line if register_global is off

///////// Getting the data from Mysql table for first list box//////////

$quer2=mysql_query(“SELECT DISTINCT category,cat_id FROM category order by category”);

///////////// End of query for first list box////////////

/////// for second drop down list we will check if category is selected else we will display all the subcategory/////

if(isset($cat) and strlen($cat) > 0){

$quer=mysql_query(“SELECT DISTINCT subcategory FROM subcategory where cat_id=$cat order by subcategory”);

}else{$quer=mysql_query(“SELECT DISTINCT subcategory FROM subcategory order by subcategory”); }

////////// end of query for second subcategory drop down list box ///////////////////////////

echo “”;

/// Add your form processing page address to action in above line. Example action=dd-check.php////

////////// Starting of first drop downlist /////////

echo “