Replace Product_Price With "price With Vat" Cs-Cart4.3.4


I would like your help to fix a problem that I have in the way that my products have been shown.

So, in any "in stock" product there are by default three prices. The first is the "Discounted Price". On the right side of the same line used to be the initial price (deleted:12.52). I am using "display:none;" to prevent from showing this price.

In the next line there is the "price with vat".

Because of the two lined prices I am losing the alignment that my template offers. I am using energot theme.

What I want to do is to replace the "Price with VAT" with the "Discounted Price" (which do not include VAT) and then delete the whole second line in order to solve the problem with the alignment.

I am providing two screenshots to help you more!!

Thanks in advance for any of your help.!!!!