repeat orders


Does the system allow CC to be saved when customers place an order?

I want Sales to be able to repeat an order, or…

place an New order for a customer with saved CC info in the system

is this available ?

I am not sure of the procedure of how this is accomplished.



Not sure what version you are one, but there are 2 ways:

  1. Registered users can save a CC that can be used for future orders.
  2. Orders can be “Reorder this order” which will allow a customer to process the same order (different order_id) again using the same information.


yes - I have seen this, but it is clumsy and awkward, and not automated.

actually - I have tested it, and it needs improvement.

I need the system to simply automatically save the cc, (not go that extra step and re input into the cc section)

and when a customer calls us, I want customer service to simply selects one of the stored CC and processes an order for the customer.

In addition - Have you seen the CC display in the orders - it is terrible. No Security at all. When you select to save the data, it displays all of the information. This is not good. Only Admins need to see all of the numbers, not clerks who do not need to see this number (this is a security problem) which I will have to figure out how to simply hide or re-format.

Any suggestions




Also - have you tried this. There is no option to select a cc from multiple saved cc at checkout. (you have to navigate to the cc seciton under profiles - now explain that to a customer - it will never happen)

and when you re-input a new cc number - it defaults to the saved default CC, and does not use the recently input number. this tells me cs-cart is very pre-mature and incomplete. Alot of testing and development needs to be done for it.