Renting MOD : Quote Request

Hello, I would like a quote from a developer for the Add on described below:


  • Have vendors enter enter their rental information with images, details, etc… (supported now with the multivendor edition) But most importantly, have them take full control of their calendar availabilities and their rates depending on the calendar (seasonal prices change)


  • Admin end:

  • Vendor management:

    1- option for the vendor to turn on and turn off calendar feature depending on the product.

    2- Option for the vendor to select the reservation length for different time frames, example: vendor wants to offer his apartment to rent on a weekly basis from 1/1 to 6/1 then on a daily basis from 6/1 to 9/1.

    3- Option for the vendor to enter prices depending on calendar dates

    4- Also, in the product features, vendors will select:

  • Number of rooms/baths, How Many people can sleep
  • Location of the apartment (Country, City, etc…)
  • A list of included amenities features) - it will show icons in the product page front end depending on what’s selected.

    5- Ability to manually add a booking from the administration area.

  • Front end:

    1 - The user will see the calendar availabilities and prices in the Product page (may be under an Availability tab?)

    2- The booking details will be reflected throughout the checkout with the capability of modifying the dates in the calendar.

“2- The booking details will be reflected throughout the checkout with the capability of modifying the dates in the calendar.”

Could you please explain this line?

Hi TexasGuy,

What I meant is that the Booking details will be passed on to the check out (date, number of people, etc…) and thre should be a way for him to modify those variables if he wanted to. The easiest way I guess is to make him click on a “modify reservation” link that will take him to the calendar in the product page again…

What has given me a pause was the request of modifying at checkout, which I think is wrong. Last modification can be expected in the shopping cart. Once you click CHECKOUT, all products/options should freeze. If one wants to modify at checkout, they should return to the cart and re-run checkout.

Sorry I meant in the cart page, checkout is as you said more like a final confirmation of the order.

My issue is with the cart. If the buyer wants to change the dates when he is in the cart. Should we redirect him to the product page to make the changes in the calendar there or do I need to have a calendar in the cs-cart page to make the modification?

I’m asking because the type of calendar I would like to have will be integrated in the product page, like this one:


Click the “Prix et Disponibilites” tab…

is it ready? how much it cost?

Any news about this Addon?

I am very interested in buy this feature!