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First of all, sorry for my bad Englisch, will try to do my best. :grin:
I was searching this forum and internet, but can`t find any answer to my quenstion.

I was wondering if there is one (or multiple) add-on(s) for creating an rental website with cs cart multi vendor?
Now looking if it is possible with cs cart to create an peer-to-peer marketplace where people or company`s can rent-out there own products.

Thinking about functionallity such as:
* Check availability for products in calender (nice-to-have: also count already rented when vendor has multiple pieces of the same product)
* Search nearby for products on map (Geolocation is standard function in cs cart i see)
* When check out, give pickup and return dates in calender
* Add additional services

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I think that you need to create a dedicated addon for this.

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We failed to find ready-to-use addon on the marketplace

Only code modification can help you to create the marketplace you have described.

At the moment we are working on the project of the marketplace for different services like cleaning services, rental, volunteers and many other variants of services. So, we have made the Advanced Geolocation, have modifications for calendars and etc.

If you are interested, please, contact us by email

We can provide you with the final price for creating the marketplace you need.

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As with the other developer responses, you will need to have a custom implementation done. There are several components to making a rental reservation system.

1) A scheduling component that can determine availability. If your vendors publish on multiple sites, then a centralized data-store will need to exist so that 2 people can't reserv/rente the same property at once.

2) A calendar capability configurable for check-in/check-out dates/times..

3) Ability to track deposits and pre-pay requirements and to have variable pricing based on days/week or holiday or high-demand periods.

4) T&C's that will protect you in case of cancellation by the vendor.

5) Tax tables to account for taxes for rentals in addition to sales tax (getting very localized here in the USA)..

6) A wishlist that can notify on last-minute-availability

7) A security/damage deposit function with ability to "release" the deposits upon completion of rental.

8) And a vendor promotion capability to allow vendors to offer their own promotions.

The devil is ALWAYS in the details....

Thanks all for the responses.

I`m going to take a trial for CS card MV now, and see how configurable it is for my needs.

I now the devil is in the details, hope to find an suitable solution witch fit my needs mostly :mrgreen: