Renaming Admin Broke Site Help!


Wow - this is becoming really frustrating! This should be simple! I have gone to xampp / htdocs / cs cart / var / cache / templates then deleted EVERY entry apart from “mail” in both backend and responsive - then effected the rename to admin123 of both the sdmin.php file and the config.local file - then cleared the cache in admin - still get a 404 error page.

Is there another way to get rid of the annoying message on the dashboard as it is blocking various entries…

You can delete the var/cache folder itself. It grows back later like a lizard's tail

when new data arrives.

Thank you Tbirnseth and Termalert for your help.

Nothing worked - kept getting 404 pages so I ended up deleting the whole c s cart files and reinstalled them - altering the admin.php file name beforerunning the installation set up - I figured that installing with the revised file name had to fool the system - it worked!

Kind regards


My guess is that your cache was not actually being cleared. Glad you got it working.