renameing admin.php

what file or files need to be renamed

also on this forum how do i get to change my status from trial user to member or something

i have purchased the software

also i have a pending question on tabs on the center section of the homepage i want tabbed pages in the center with content

thanks to anyone who can help

ok i got my renaming doing had to edit config.local.php with the new admin file name and rename admin pretty easy

now the tabs on the homepage

in the middle center im using the default blue template much like this store below i have not figured out how to have tabbed pages in the middle section

also how can i get non trial user removed on my status i just bought the software

I know you have made a couple of requests about the tabbed home page and I can only think of two ways to do it.

1.) Have something custom coded

2.) Do a html block with your tabbed content. You could probably get some tab code from dynamic drive or somewhere. Then just put that into your block. I've done something similar before and it works really great. It takes a little playing around with, but not bad.

Unfortunately those are the only ways I can think of to do tabbed content on the home page, sorry.



brandon you are a gentleman and a scholar love your site btw

and man i feel blessed you pointed me in the right direction i found this

Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts-Tab Content Script (v 2.2)

ill try to figure out how to implement i know it tells me but im by far not a pro at this

my subtle attempt failed

this is what i did i uploaded the files from dynamic drive to my location that the index.tpl is located

Step 1: Insert the below CSS and script into the HEAD section of your page:

for my template i edited index.tpl and placed the code in my head section of my page

Step 2: Finally, simply add the below HTML to where you wish the Tab Content to appear on the page:

I did add a block for html code selected the html option in the editor and then pasted code i have tabs as a bulleted list