renamed customer index and view storefront fails

I modified the config.local.php to reflect the changes and, via direct reference, the customer index displays.

From the admin dashboard, however, the view storefront link still defaults to the previous file name of index.php.

What table in the database stores this information?

Never mind … got it sorted out :roll:

Would you post your solution for prosperity and future generations?

Some might find this post later, those who would have the same problem and, boy, they will be pissed when they will find no solution but “Never mind … got it sorted out” …

Can you imagine the anguish, the anger, the loathing?

You’re right. My bad! :frowning:

In actuality, I did NOT find the database table. What I did was a work-around.

When I changed config.local.php initially, I failed to observer that there are two references for the base cart and I only had changed one. So, I changed them both and then moving the site to a new folder worked without renaming the customer index.php.

So, since this may be of value to someone down the road, is there any documentation about the CS-Cart database tables? As I count them, there are over 200 tables and leafing through theme one-by-one to try to find where this link is stored is something that I just didn’t have time to do.

Alternatively, and probably preferrably, what is the Admin Dashboard route to change this? The link appears in the top quick menu there but the only place that I could find to alter links was for the customer side of the application.