Removing Uncategorised Category

I moved a sub category out of a category as I was reorganizing our menu. The option to put in it in un-categorized was there so I put it there along with another subcategory. It has gone into the root are visible in the menu at the front end but are not visible in the back end. I need to find these and put them in as a sub somewhere else.

Anyone any idea how to find these? Thanks.


Hello Gusm,

All existing categories should be displayed on the Products > Categories page of your CS-Cart admin panel.

In order to find the missing category in the admin panel, you can open it in the storefront and check the id of the category in the url (for example: index.php?dispatch=categories.view&category_id=224). Please note that the SEO add-on must be disabled in order to check it this way. Then you can use this id to access the editing category page in your admin panel:

I hope this will help you.

Thanks that worked great. Thanks

You are welcome. We are glad to help you.