Removing Timestamp and date from Reviews

How do I remove the date and timestamp from the user reviews in CS-cart 1.3.5 ?

I am posting this in a Cs-cart 2.x forum since the older forums are totally dead.

Any help will be appreciated.

Please don’t be deliberately posting v1 questions in the v2 forum - it just makes the forums that much less useful when information is not where it is supposed to be. You could have posted in the General Questions forum as an option.

I don’t have 1.3.5 installed so I cannot check this, but looking through the code I think I found what you are after. In /skins/YOURSKIN/customer/addons/discussion/discussion.tpl, remove the bit in red:


{$}: {$}

{$lang.date_added}: {$post.timestamp|date_format:“$settings.Appearance.date_format, $settings.Appearance.time_format”}