Removing the Description from the product list

Hi, I am using currently usuing the Basic Skin.

I wanted to know how do I remove the description box from the product list page?

It takes to much room on the page.

Also how would I arrange to display the Add Cart, Wish List to the far right on the product list.


You can edit the .tpl files, in the template folder. Edit then reload, then edit, then reload ^^

If you want a hand, I’ll help u


as mentioned, you need to edit the tpl files - in your case you need to edit the /skins/SKINNAME/customer/product_pages/product_details.tpl file

This template file controls what you see for the details of your product - you can change the location of the cart button and wish list links etc…

make copy of original before you do anything if you are not familar with the coding

good luck

In “/skins/CLIENT_SKIN/customer/products_pages/products.tpl”

try commenting out this:


{if $product.short_description || $product.full_description}

{if $product.short_description}


mdek - i guess we were both composing at the same time :slight_smile: your had more details than mine for sure

yeah and product_details.tpl is for displaying details on one product. He wants the description removed from the product list - products.tpl.

yikes - was reading too fast - saw product list and cart button etc and thought details - he might want that too :slight_smile: