Removing Sellers Of This Product Tab From Vendor Store But Not From Multi-Vendor

Hi everyone, I am creating a multivendor store in a niche industry that is highly localized. Because of this, I would like to hide the product tab "Sellers of this product" when a customer is viewing a product in a vendor store.

However, I would like to maintain this tab when a customer is viewing this product alone.

I give this example:

Multivendor is like a mall, you walk through and window shop (and if you find a product "A" you like, you obviously want to know who sells it in this mall).

Now, say you walk into a store for the brand itself (say you walk into Nike). You obviously would not see what another store would sell Product "A" for while INSIDE the store itself.

This is the thought process behind this request.

If this requires some additional customization, I'm more than happy to explore options.

Multi-Vendor does not separate such visits of product details page. So additional custom development work will be required.

Understood. I think I may need to contact Simtech to do this customization ? Or do you recommend another company to do so. I have a lot of small customizations that I will require and my dev team doesn’t want to move into the source code just yet.

You can choose any developer here