Removing Old Product Combinations After Creating Variations In Database

I have the following issue:

  1. I have been creating variations of products and getting rid of the old options/combinations.
  2. I use Unify by Webgility as an interface between different sales channels and QuickBooks.
  3. When Webgility downloads the CS Cart products, it downloads the existing products in the Cs Cart Database. However, it also downloads a “smattering” of the old product combinations. I have contacted the developers at Webgility, who were kind enough to have a session with me to take a look. They said that their program only downloads what is the in the CS Cart database.
  4. Conclusion: Some how NOT ALL of the products in the database are being removed/deleted when I have changed from options to variations of products.
  5. Example: Product AE10 comes in 7 sizes. When I download to Unify I see the 7 variations, but also some of the old option combinations (that were supposedly deleted) show up.
  6. Question: Is this fixable? How?
  7. Question: Is having “remnants” of deleted products common?
  8. What does it take to remove these?
  9. I have attached a photo of Unify screen. It shows the new option combinations created and many other older product combinations and in fact some original product variations (all of which should have been deleted from the database - but somehow remain)

Screenshot (392).png