Removing links from MY ACCOUNT

Hi all

Installing/customising CS-Cart for the first time. Very indepth and great product.

Anyway, I was wondering how to remove these from the My Account block:

  • Wish List
  • Subscriptions
  • My Tags

    I’ve checked the My Account template file but can’t find ANY reference to these whatsoever.

    Any ideas?

    Cheers :slight_smile:

Those are all add-ons and are controlled by a in their respective add-on directory tree:


You can either delete these or just rename these by adding .something to the end of the filename. Then clear your template cache - the links should not appear in the “My account” area.


Hi Bob

I renamed all these, putting XXX at the end of the files, and cleared the cache, though they are still appearing.

Hmmm. I just tried this and all three disappeared from the ‘My account’ block. Did you make the change in correct skin?

Just to be clear, you cleared the template cache by going to the URL DOMAIN/admin.php?cc ?


So, if there are not subscriptions on the customer site, wouldn’t an easier method be to disable the recurring billing addon until such time that it is needed? That’s what I did…

You can change the links in the My Account block [typically located in footer by default] by editing this file:


This file determines which links are under the My Account block link menu, which usually are coded to change dependent on if the visitor is logged in or not [such as Create Profile + Sign In vs. View Orders + Update Profile].

Their may be a better way to do this such as with My Changes add-on or hooks that would be more future update friendly but that’s beyond me, maybe someone with this knowledge can chime in.

Hope this helps.

Actually the template of the drop down My account block is located here:


Hope this will help