Removing links from admin panel, and copying these links to put on another page

Hi everyone,

I’m just wondering. Does it seem feasible to remove some of the links from the admin panel and copy them to a seperate html page?.

Basically to prevent the customer from breaking the website I was thinking about removing various links. But I was going to copy these links and paste them on another page that I can password protect on my server.

It seems like it works?. But if worst come to worst then is there an easy way to restore the admin panel page?. If it’s only certain files that dictate what links are on the admin page then I could make a backup of these files, and copy them back if I ever had to.


I’ve figured it out.

I just clear the contents of the link in the language variable, and make a copy of the URI to that location.

I can then paste the URI in a HTML page that’s password protected for my use. I can also store the language variables and contents details here (and on my backup drive) so that I can always copy them back if necessary.


You can also setup level of administrator. That works really well. I have some employees that list products and ship. I have restricted them to just certain tasks.

[url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

There is also more detail in the Manual.

Hope that helps.


Thanks. That’s perfect