Removing line breaks on shipping address

I’m looking to remove the line breaks between my shipping address on the “Viewing order…” page. Why?: Essentially my postage software monitors my clipboard and automatically pastes/verifies the address when I copy it. But the backend uses line breaks between each line in the address so my postage software doesn’t catch it as being an address. So I have to manually paste it and verify. This could save me a lot of time when printing postage for several packages.

Is this an easy fix?

I guess this isn’t an easy fix :frowning:

Wow, 10 months old and this isn’t an issue for anyone. It seems like anyone that actually ships any products would benefit from not having to remove the extra blank lines when printing shipping.

It’s rather easy fix. You need to remove the unnecessary “

” tags from the “profiles_info.tpl” file located in the “skins/basic/admin/views/profiles/components” directory.

[quote name=‘orangegirl’]It’s rather easy fix. You need to remove the unnecessary “

” tags from the “profiles_info.tpl” file located in the “skins/basic/admin/views/profiles/components” directory.[/quote]


Thanks for the reply. But something funny is still going on when I copy to my clipboard. Can you see if I am doing something wrong with my breaks? I still need breaks between the lines so it looks like a normal address. I think this should be pretty straightforward but it is giving me issues.

{if $user_data.s_firstname || $user_data.s_lastname || $user_data.s_address || $user_data.s_address_2 || $user_data.s_city || $user_data.s_country_descr || $user_data.s_state_descr || $lang.zip_postal_code || $profile_fields.S}
{include file="common_templates/subheader.tpl" title=$lang.shipping_address}

{if $user_data.s_firstname || $user_data.s_lastname}
{$user_data.s_firstname} {$user_data.s_lastname}

{if $user_data.s_address || $user_data.s_address_2}
{$user_data.s_address} {$user_data.s_address_2}

{if $user_data.s_city || $user_data.s_state_descr || $user_data.s_zipcode}{$user_data.s_city} {$user_data.s_state_descr} {$user_data.s_zipcode}{/if}

{if $user_data.s_country_descr}{$user_data.s_country_descr}{/if}
{include file="views/profiles/components/profile_fields_info.tpl" fields=$profile_fields.S}


While it looks correct on the screen, for some reason my postage software seems to put the street on the same line as the city. This causes it to not understand the address format. What is really odd is I can paste the address into a word processor and it looks right. Then I can copy from there and it works normally. My clipboard is copying something in the code that shouldn’t be there I am guessing.



Dear Jacy,

As I understood, the address is displayed properly in your CS-Cart, but is taken incorrectly by your postage software. If so, I am afraid, I am unable to help you as I do not know how your postage software reads the text.

Thanks for the help. I was just hoping I missed something in my coding that was obvious. My postage software reads like a normal address should look as long as there isn’t a space between each line. It’s just so odd that I can take the same address from CS, paste it into notepad (or similar) and it looks fine. Then even copy from there and into my postage software and it works. But for some reason if I try to directly copy from CS to my postage software it thinks the address is all on one line.

The reason for this is because when you paste to Notepad, Notepad is removing any extra html from what you copied.

Weird that my postage program doesn’t understand what notepad does. Especially since that program is designed to pick up addresses and automatically format them correctly. It is trying to OVER-do it’s job. :slight_smile: