Removing Larger Image Pop Ups

Hey all,

Has anyone modified the way their product details page works to eliminate the pop-up windows for larger images? I'd like to do away with the pop-ups and just have larger thumbnails appear if possible. Specifically, with the current implementation of pop-up images, I cannot add any products to

Any help with this is greatly appreciated!


If you want the image in product detail to be 400X400px and product list thumbnail 100X100px follow this steps:

  1. prepare your 400px image
  2. in admin-settings-thumbnail set “product list thumbnail” to 100/100px width and height and leave the others options blank.
  3. When creating a product, click on “manually upload images” and upload only the thumbnail 400px image.
  4. Leave the detail image empty. There is no way to block the popup image once you upload something there. So don't use it and all is set.

Thanks so much for your fast reply. Works like a charm…