Removing images from options when listing items

I have items and items have options. Options have pictures. It is a cool feature.

I have combo boxes and pictures are below. One can click on the pictures to choose the option in the combo box or choose

However, it is also can be seen when items are listed in a list. I would prefer to show only combo boxes then, no pictures, it becomes cluttered and distracting with arrays of pictures for multiple options.

Any ideas?

PS: I found /skins/my_skin/customer/views/products/components/product_options.tpl but how can I tell it if it is a product view or a list view?

I found if I comment out:

{if $smarty.capture.variant_images|trim}<div class="product-variant-image clear-both">{$smarty.capture.variant_images}</div>{/if}
```<br />
<br />
Then it works but I need to set IF for when it is in LIST or PRODUCT mode.<br />
Anyone?<br />
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EDIT: {if !$show_descr} work for me

Why don’t you just delete the images.

If the variant doesn’t have a image none will be shown.


I think i know what your talking about now. are you talking about when your viewing a category rather than the individual product page. I wont be able to help on that but it might make it clearer to someone else.

Well, I already achieved that. It works.

I also did that for comments that are shown below, makes options more tight together.

This code is for options, also, removes them from cart view:

{if !$show_descr}
{if !$cart}
{if $po.comment}



Here are the mods: