Removing html tags from addiotnal tabs on product page


We are using CS-cart version Multi-Vendorv4.15.1.SP4. On the product page, next to the description tab, we have added additional tabs to show additional information about the product. We are importing the data via csv sheet and the informaiton that we want to show in the addiotnal tab is with HTML tags.

We import both, the descriptin & the additional info with HTML tags, but removal of HTML tags in description is the default set up. In our newly created tab for additional info, the text appears as it is with in the tags wthout formatting.

How we can hide the HTML tags and make the text formatted?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



Please check the Tygh\Tools\SecurityHelper::sanitizeObjectData() method (app/Tygh/Tools/SecurityHelper.php).

Thankyou very much for the solution.
I forgot to include that we are using NO-CODE MVE. So we dont have access this file path. How to achieve this in No-code please?


I am afraid, there is no way to achieve this in No-Code.