Removing Dowloads link from profile

Hello, dear sirs!

Im trying to remove subj. And need universe mind help. Im using 3.0.6

  1. Remove
  2. {$lang.downloads}
  3. from basic/customer/blocks/my_account.tpl and refresh with &cc. doesn`t help!

  4. Trying to override with hook at basic/customer/addons/my_changes/hooks/profiles/my_account_menu.override.tpl


    {hook name=“profiles:my_account_menu”}

    {if $auth.user_id}

    {if $user_info.firstname || $user_info.lastname}

  5. {$user_info.firstname} {$user_info.lastname}

  6. {else}

    {if $settings.General.use_email_as_login == 'Y'}

  7. {$}

  8. {else}

  9. {$user_info.user_login}

  10. {/if}


  11. {$lang.profile_details}

  12. {elseif $user_data.firstname || $user_data.lastname}

  13. {$user_data.firstname} {$user_data.lastname}

  14. {elseif $settings.General.use_email_as_login == 'Y' && $}

  15. {$}

  16. {elseif $settings.General.use_email_as_login != 'Y' && $user_data.user_login}

  17. {$user_data.user_login}

  18. {/if}

  19. {$lang.orders}

  20. {assign var=“compared_products” value=“”|fn_get_comparison_products}

  21. {$lang.view_compare_list}{if $compared_products} ({$compared_products|count}){/if}

  22. {/hook}

    Doesnt help.

    Please I broke my head to make this working as needed.

After creating my_account_menu.override.tpl in the my_changes addon folder, did you clear the site cache, by adding ?cc to your admin URL like so:

Oh, didnt realized that it should be done in admin area. Thanks.

my_account_menu.override.tpl only removes fields after log-in. Does anyone know how to remove Orders and Compare list from the login screen before the customer logs in?