Removes cart contents in order


I have recently encountered an issue, where if a person were to go to the check out, with any click, it would clear the entire cart, and it wouldn’t let the client order.
It only occurs to one shipping method, which is a local store pick up, which we had made. If we disable it, everything works fine with the remaining shipping methods.

Prior to this, only thing that had been changed around this, was changing the descriptions and names/phone number/address of pick up points, that appear on a map with the shipping method.

  1. Second question - I wish to implement a new shipping method, but I am unable to edit the layout. When I go into layout editor on live site, it doesn’t let me change anything. And in the block, it only appears as ‘Template’.
    Does anyone know how to fix this issue? The site is But I have disabled the shipping method for now

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