Remove 'View as' options from category pages ?


I would like to remove the VIEW options on my categories page. I’m surprised it isn’t a setting in the admin.

I have looked through the forum but could not find an answer.

Thanks in advance

Change appearance type to ‘list’

That would be easy Jesse, except I don’t want to display my products as a list.

I want to display my products as a GRID. Why should I compromise on design just to remove a menu?

Let me rephrase - How do I chose my preferred display option and then remove the ‘View as’ option from the Category page?

Thanks again

[quote name=‘Ricbob’]Why should I compromise on design just to remove a menu?[/quote]

It would be preferable that you don’t ask rhetorical questions - You didn’t specify your version number, if it was a language variable or if you needed product options to display.

Untick all other appearance options apart from ‘Grid’ to have “view as” disappear from the category menu and make all categories display as “grid”

Thanks Jesse, I won’t ask rhetorical questions again!

My version is a trial version that I downloaded yesterday, so I guess it’s 2.1.0. I don’t see a version number anywhere in the admin.

I have chosen ‘Grid’ - the products display in a grid but the ‘View as’ remains with the full drop-down list.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘language variable’.

I’m also not sure which ‘product options’ you mean, I only want the ‘Sort by’ option to remain.

All the changes I have made are in ‘Appearance Settings’

Thanks Jesse

Thanks Jesse, I found it - there is another layout setting each category.