Remove Tax on Free Product Discount

I have a cs-cart which offers 1 free product with the purchase of any other 4 products - esentially “buy 5 pay for 4”. I have it set up so that it automatically discounts the price of one product (all products included in the discounted feature are the same price - $19.99).

The problem is that the tax is still applied to the free product. Is there a way to deduct the tax on the free product.

Example of my discount:

  • for 5 products:

    Sub Total $99.95

    Shipping $12.50

    Order discount: $19.99


    GST (5%): $5.63

    Total cost:$98.09

    The taxes (GST) should read app. [COLOR=Red]$4.60[/COLOR] (GST in Canada is also paid on the postage)

This is a long-standing issue with order discounts which has been reported:


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