Remove product options from multiple products

I had somebody great global options and assign them to 10 products and then they closed those 10 products and added them to another category. Thing is, on that new category the product options are different. How can I erase the product options from just the 10 products in the new category, so that I can add a fresh set of global options for them?

Most I go through every newly created product in the new category, view options and delete them each one-by-one, to create an empty option list?

Thought there was an easier way?

I see where I can edit a select list of items and it lets me edit the name, product code, status, etc, but I don't see product options anywhere.

I think if you delete a global option which was created by linking instead of copying, you would end up deleting that global option from all products linked to it. Hopefully, a person with experiance can comment on this. I want to remove a linked global option from one poduct, but am hesitating since I risk removing that global option entirely. I know if you disable a linked global option at the product level, that option is disabled on all linked products.


I'm starting to realize this is just an inconvenience of Cs-cart when it comes to remove options on a lot of products.

As much of a headache as it's been, I've found a workout by just hiding the old products and creating brand new ones.