Remove options for sorting of products

Tell me please, how can I remove the line, with options for sort of products, like in image attached?

I am interested, especially in remove filter “xx Per Page”.

These filters harmful SEO (them produce the duplicate content).

Thanks in advance,

sort options.gif

Hello oemill,

Thank you for your message.

Some code modifications are required to implement this feature. We would be happy to assist you in this matter within our technical support service. Please contact us via Customer Help Desk if you have support credits or an active support period.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

Did you find out how to remove the items per page filter?

I've just checked Google Web Master Tools and it shows loads of duplicate page titles and duplicate meta descriptions becuase of the items per page filter.

Would it be possible to stop Google from indexing these pages by using the robots.txt file?

I have not solved this problem.

I'll have to ask for support cscart (see message above …).


I think the addon by alt-team is a bette solution to the Google problem

have a look

Easy scroll pagination CS-Cart add-on


Has someone find a solution for this, I even found some search results in google with my website that hase tittle tag 48 items per page - what ever my website title is!


To block access to all URLs that contain a question mark (?) And, more specifically, any URL that begins with your domain name, which is followed by a string, a question mark, then a string , add the following lines:

User-agent: Googlebot

Disallow: /*?


Turn ajax off for pagination, google cant javascript through bots

use the “View Storefront in Cuztomization Mode”

and comment out the sorting feature with the {* code } brackets like below


{if !$no_sorting}

{include file=“views/products/components/sorting.tpl”}



this file is "skins/blocks/list_templates/grid_list.tpl

i'm using 3.04 ultimate, may vary for others, but principle is the same

Open fn.catalog.php and find these lines:

// 'position' => array('description' => fn_get_lang_var('default'), 'default_order' => 'asc'),

// 'product' => array('description' => fn_get_lang_var('name'), 'default_order' => 'asc'),

'price' => array('description' => fn_get_lang_var('price'), 'default_order' => 'asc'),

// 'popularity' => array('description' => fn_get_lang_var('popularity'), 'default_order' => 'desc'),

'timestamp' => array('description' => fn_get_lang_var('date_added'), 'default_order' => 'desc')

Note the ones with a // before are the ones I have disabled.

How to turn off only " per page " Sorting ?