Remove more than maximum 100 products at once

Hello all,

Is there any way of increasing the ammount of products that can be removed at once to something much higher than 100?

Now when I go to Catalog > Products in the right bottom corner next to Total items: there is a link which can be clicked. But the maximum number of products that can be visible at once is 100 which is understandable.

However I need to remove more than 6000 items on a regulary basis.

Maybe there is another easier way of doing this from the admin end?



Paste this at the end of the url: &items_per_page=x

substitute ‘x’ for the value.

ie &items_per_page=1000

That does solve the problem of numebr of products I can view.

Thanks for that solution!

However I am not sure if this the smart way of doing this.

Remove 6000+ products this way would mean showing 6000+ at once on the page. I think this might cause issues.

Would there be another way of removing on a regular basis this ammount of products safely without compromising the database and giving problems in any other way?

  1. create a “to be deleted” category via the admin
  2. apply this category to the items as their “main category” via phpmyadmin
  3. delete the category via the admin

    This method has worked for me with large deletes.


admin/settings/display settings/Administrator settings/product per page

change the number to 500 lets say

[quote name=‘techoop’]admin/settings/display settings/Administrator settings/product per page

change the number to 500 lets say[/quote]

I advise against that - Some servers have a maximum input value / database limit on the amount of queries output.

Using the method I outlined above will be set in the administrators cookie - which can be cleared, system settings however cannot be cleared so easily.