Remove help desk

“Create an account in our Help Desk to upgrade your store, receive support, and get free or paid add-ons from our Add-on Market.”

How we can remove this from dashbord ?

Thanks all Cscart`ers

I did it a couple of months back, think I had to unlink the help desk under general settings.

Can you specify what do you mean by “unlink the helpdesk”? I checked the settings of my test instance of Multi-Vendor and didn’t find such setting.

Sorry, on checking it is under Customers/Administrators, you can link and unlink helpdesk here. I am not sure if it will have the desired effect or not.


The easiest way to remove this block is to log into your Help Desk account. This will not only hide the lock, but will also allow you to receive upgrades, and if you lose access to your store, access to the Help Desk will be the only way to confirm your ownership of the installation.