Remove Headers and Footers when Printing

I didn’t find a thread on this topic, so here’s what we’ve done in case anyone else has the same questions we did.

When printing Invoices, Packing Slips, etc from the browser, by default you’ll see a header and footer on the printed page. We did not want headers and footers to print on the page and for the browsers we use, this turned out to be pretty simple to do.

In IE8, go to Page Setup and in the Headers and Footers section, set all the drop downs to “-Empty-”

In FF 3.6, Page Setup, go to the Margins & Header/Footer tab and set all the drop downs in the Headers & Footers to “–blank–”

In any version of Chrome, you cannot modify the Headers and Footers. So unless you don’t mind your admin URL showing on a Pack Slip, you are going to have to use a browser other than Chrome to print.

Don’t know about settings for Safari and Opera, but I imagine there’s a way to do this.

Thanks for the tip. We have done the same in our setup.