Remove Header From Checkout Page

Hi there,

We want to modify the checkout page in such a way that the header or the categories are not displayed on the checkout page.

We are looking for a checkout page which is much similar to the screenshot attached as Flipkart

Thus, how can we modify the header by using the my changes addon or any other method?

Thanks in advance



You can follow http://forum.cs-cart…__fromsearch__1 and just add css styles
/* hide top panel */
body.checkout.checkout .tygh-top-panel{ display:none }
/* hide header */
body.checkout.checkout .tygh-header{ display:none }

I hope that helps,


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Thanks Vali,

Your answer deserves an upvote. :grin:

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Hey Vali,

Just to let you know, it worked perfectly. Btw, using dynamic classes can we insert custom div's also?

Say modifying the header and displaying custom instead instead of the given one?

You can hide the header and on Design > Layouts to Checkout tab you can add what you need into a Grid 16 above Main content


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