Remove Date From Reviews

Hi I needing to know with 4.14 how to remove the date and time from reviews I did it with all prior versions ths one is a bit different

Hi @flasher,

Please add into the file [color=#ff0000]design/themes/[THEME_NAME]/templates/addons/my_changes/hooks/discussion/items_list_row.override.tpl[/color]


{if $discussion.type == "R" || $discussion.type == "B" && $post.rating_value > 0}

{include file="addons/discussion/views/discussion/components/stars.tpl" stars=$post.rating_value|fn_get_discussion_rating}

{if $discussion.type == "C" || $discussion.type == "B"}

{$post.message|escape|nl2br nofilter}


I hope that helps,


[color=#808080][size=2]part of[/size][/color]

Great Thank you Vali

after addons there are no my_changes

I see discussion/views/discussion/view.tpl or discussion/components/discussion_small.tpl or new_post.tpl or rate.tpl and stars.tpl in 4.1.4

You are welcome,

To make it working you need to create the directory structure and add the tpl file



[color=#808080][size=2]part of[/size][/color]

Hi Vali I tried it and still there what I did was create 3 new folders and put in places according to your list then created a tpl called it same as on your list tried it nothing then I cleared cache still there I then set permission to 777 then went back and cleared cache again but date and time is still there

I get this on right of each discussion 04/23/2014, 05:03 PM

sorry my bad I misspelled tpl file which I do sometimes thank you for your help. Do you know how to change the star colors? I like the gold colors but no image to change