remove all regsitered users that haven't bought anything


As the title says - is there an easy way to remove all the customers/users that i have registered that haven't bought anything. Ideally i would like to delete users that have regsitered over 3 months ago and haven't bought anything at all, but if putting a time limit on it makes it harder than i would just delete all customers that haven't bought anything.

I'm using cs-cart 2.1.4, sorry if this question has been asked already i did search for it before posting.


Small custom mod…

Any more suggestions???

Thanks for the reply tbirnseth, but it really isn't very helpful. I'm aware that mods can be written for virtually any task.

Is this easy to do with a sql query, for example? I'm sure that I'm not the first to need to do this.

Tony, how much would a mod of this kind cost? I'm interested in this functionality too, as I have a whole bunch of users registered who have never bought anything. Thanks.

You can do it with SQL statements (there would be a lot), but it would be much better to use the functions in the cart so that no pieces are missed.

I'd do this as an unlicensed addon for $50. You could then share it with others if you wanted. It's pretty straight forward but for systems with large numbers of orders/customers it could take some time to run… I think it would be best to also have something like this be sensitive to the time the customer was created and to not mess with those created less than 30 days ago or some such.

This addon is now available at CS-Cart Customers Without Orders Addon


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This addon is now available at CS-Cart Customers Without Orders Addon



OK I purchased and installed the addon. Where are the instructions for how to configure/use it?