Reminder Emails Are Being Sent Without The Product Coming Back In Stock


Sometimes, some of our customers get an email saying that a product is back in stock, even though it isn't. One customer gets this email multiple times with a couple of days in between, even for a product that doens't have any subsribers listed, and has been on 0 the entire time.

We use google apps and I see the emails in our outbox, so cs-cart is really sending them.

Does anybody have an idea what might cause this?

Assuming you've reviewed the value of the 'tracking' column of the products table for the products in question....

Also, you should verify your settings related to price change and whether those products might be affected.

Are these being generated from an import of products or just randomly as you update products in admin?

The emails are even being sent when we don't touch the product and don't import at all. In this case it's a disabled or hidden product that will never come back. We don't edit it in any way. Still, customers are being reminded it's back in stock. I've also seen it happen to other products that were on 0 and have been on 0 for weeks (but not disabled or hidden) as well.

I guess we have a ghost in the system!

Guess you would have to add diagnostics surrounding the conditions that generate the notifications then to see what's going on.