Related Products

Sorry, maybe I’m wrong but no future or addon “related products” in CS-Cart 2.0?

I don’t see it either. How can this be?

You can create a Related Products tab using the Blocks feature.


Just found it!


I’ve created a Related Products tab using the Blocks feature, but I don’t know how to put the related products content in it - any ideas ?


  1. Admin → Catalog → Products → Edit Product → Blocks
  2. Tick ‘Enable for this page’
  3. Click ‘Add products’

I think you have to add it to each individual product, there is no bulk tab addition.

I find that whether I want it to or not it is adding itself to every product. At first it isn’t there, but if I view the product in the admin page and make any changes and hit “save”, if I haven’t manually unchecked the related products for that item, it will show up. And dump the most recent related products I’ve used for something else into it.

I can confirm that this is happening. You should report this as a bug in the Bug Tracker.