Related Products (Recommended Products, Accessories) By Features And Categories In Megablock (Automatic Smart Selection)

I would like to to present system of intellectual selection of product accessories (related products, recommended products) by features and categories. Its a great cross-sell solution for cs-cart.

Sense of the addon is to create a relationships between product categories and then create rules for matching features values of prosucts in this categories. System will analyze the rules for products and gets the necessary accessories for product blocks.

All you have to do - is to configure settings (relationships and rules), then the system will automatically select the accessories on the basis of the established selection rules.

This means that our addon for 17" laptops will select in accessories bags, which according to the specifications (features) can be used for 17" laptops.

More information you can find by links

Addon price - 100$

Present compatibility: 4.3 Ultimate

when will be adapt to cs-cart 4.10 ?