Rel=Next and Rel=Previous

I'm looking for someone who can provide instructions and code for configuring CS-Cart 3.x to use the rel=next and rel=previous code as google outlines at the following link. Please note that I'm not interested in addons that do considerably more than this. I just want this one modification. Please message me with cost and time estimate. [url=“Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Pagination with rel=“next” and rel=“prev””][/url]

Please check our canonical url addon here:


It has a version does what you need exactly. :)

Thanks, but it also does a lot that I don't need and I prefer not to make a bunch of modifications I don't need because it usually breaks something.

Like I said, it has a version which only does what you need. Also the full addon will not break anything.

ok, I didn't see the “previous version” on your site.

After the purchase, we will send you the speical edition which only adds the rel=next and rel=previous meta tag to your site.