Registration/sign In Before Purchasing

I'm working on a site using CS-Cart. My question is this: i want users to be able to go to the site and register for an account before they even get to the shopping cart. The old cart had existing registered users who I want to give the ability to register/sign in right away when they visit the new site. Am I missing something? Looked through all the options in the configuration but couldn't find anything. Thanks!

Not sure there is a setting for this, but you could always add the file app/addons/my_changes/controllers/frontend/init.pre.php to have code similar to (not tested).

if( !defined(‘BOOTSTRAP’) ) die(‘Access denied’);

if( $controller != ‘auth’ && empty($_SESSION[‘auth’][‘user_id’]) ) {
fn_set_notification(‘W’, __(“notice”), “Login/Registration is required to view this site.”, ‘K’);

Be sure that the my_changes addon is Active.

That was perfect. Thanks so much!


Just keep us in mind for any future backend work you might need done.

I will. Thank you again.