Registration issues. Client need to fill twice the info

I just noticed this today, so Im not sure why this is happening, or if it has any relation with the 2.0.13 version.


As you can see all my clients are forced to fill the info twice. and Im simply wonder why.

If a client fills the contact info ( informação de contacto) why arent those fields passed to the rest? why is the client forced to fill his name surname another 2 times (invoice info and shipping info)?

Once the invoice info is filled why is the client forced to fill the shipping info again?

I belive this should be done ONLY if the shipping info is different from the invoice info.

Am I doing something wrong here? I mean I already read the KB and searched the foruns and saw nothing regarding this issue…

Any help is highly appreciated.

impressive, no one has any idea, why this is happening?

I’m sure no one has answered because this isn’t a bug but the way that CS-Cart works. You can check the Ideas forum to see if anyone has recommended this as a mod and, if not, put it in as request.

There are a couple of people who have made mods to their own stores to copy over the information by adding a checkbox but you would have to wait and see if they answer. I have not done that mod to my own store and haven’t received any complaints (yet!) about the way the information has to be completed. I agree that at least having the option to copy Billing to Shipping would be nice.

Yes, it is an oversight in the CS-Cart design which absolutely is an annoyance when entering customer registration details…

Everytime I manually register a customer it annoys me tremendously, time is money, & vice a versa! :rolleyes:

But this wasnt like this a few versions back. I remember that the client ONLY had to fill the shipping info IF sending the product to a different address. Why the hell did CS-Cart team change this? Ridiculous if they did

What if you just go into Users/Profile fields and remove the checks next to those items. Not sure how this will workout but it’s a start.