Register pop up

Does any one know where or how I can get a newsletter ad or a register adon that pops up like this example.

It make the user think that he needs to register or enter thier email adress before the can continue.

A standalone program will be best so that I can use it on my other sites too.

Sometimes called “Email Capture Popups”

Add a post controller for index:main_content (or create a new hook for wherever you want) that is conditional upon a session variable NOT being set. This template will contain the html for your layer that appears as a pop-up.

Add a call to register_shutdown_function() with the argument of a routine that will set a session variable to true from addons/my_changes/controllers/customer/ This should be the session variable that the template code looks at to see if the user has been here before and if so, DO NOT display the popup.

Note that if I came across a site that did this, I'd be out of there immediately. But, your choice.

I need a stand alone application that will also work on another part of my site. This part of my site gets the most visitors

Hi tbirnseth thanks for your reply, but to my limited experience this does not make any sense at all. Will I be able to use this on another part of my site that does not use cs cart?