Register Form Not Appearing When Clicking Register Button On Checkout Page

When I am on the checkout page (/index.php?dispatch=checkout.checkout), and I click the “register” button, the “existing customer” form goes away, but the registration form does not appear. I see it in the HTML, but it is not being unhid. The “hidden” class is not being removed from it. If I manually remove it, it shows up like you would expect.

As a work around I edited the \design\themes\basic\templates\views\checkout\components\steps\step_one.tpl file and [color=#b22222]removed [/color]the class and [color=#008000]added [/color]an inline style.


<div id=“step_one_register” class=“clearfix {if $smarty.request.login_type != “register”}[color=#b22222]hidden[/color]{/if}”>


<div id=“step_one_register” class=“clearfix {if $smarty.request.login_type != “register”}{/if}” [color=#008000]style=“display: none;”[/color]>

Can someone tell me why this is happening?

What is the login_type variable for and is it playing a role in why the “hidden” class is being added? If it was, I would expect the “register” button to go away also. Esentially disabling registrations.