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I guess Im not alone as being un-educated in the ways of RegExp Checking.

It would be nice to have more help in the [color=#800080]RegExp (?)[/color] popup, but I think my requirement is a little complicted.


I want to check that the following format is followed, allowing spaces.

-13.00n, 000.00n


-44.9n, 150.99n

“n” being any number or re-occurence of the previous digit.

so “-27.123456789, 127.000000009” and " -44.123456789, 127.000000009 " are good ,

also “-27.123456789º, 127.000000009º” and " -44.123456789º, 127.000000009º " are good ,

but “27.123456789, 127.000000009”, “-27.123456789 127.000000009” are not

So I basically have 2 number ranges, (-13 to -45), (0 to 150) separated by a comma with the " " and “º” char acceptable and the first non-whitespace char being a “-” sign.


I could possibly settle for testing the existance of char’s that are not acceptable.

Perhaps there is a guide somewher I can be pointed to.?