(Reg) Need Any Vendor Addons

1 Vendor feedback system , like ebay possitive or negeative feedbacks

2 message system asking about products shipping discounts etc.

3 and extended vendor page

them all neccessary urgenlty for multivendor version

1. There is already a vendor review system in the MV, you just need to turn it on. This works well:


2. For messaging take a look at this:


3. Maybe this what you looking for:


1 its just interesting product, vendor reviews, its not a vendor feedback system ! each user when order complete must be leave feedback possitive or negative with comment

2 its interesting vendor and admin communication. its not buyers and vendor communicatio


We failed to find such modules on the marketplace. If you want someone to create them according to your needs, feel free to contact us

ok mate give me quote

Please post all details here

we are also ready to your help . please write here. https://webkul.com/ticket/open.php