Refunds for a partial return??

I have an order where 1 piece of 4 ordered has been returned (all different products). We have a very open return policy since we sell clothing and fitting can be difficult.

The payment was made via paypal. I have issued the partial refund… and added a staff only note to the order with some details (the customer will have gotten the same details with the paypal notice).

My question is what is the best way to edit the order to reflect the return and update the stock back into the system? Do I delete the returned items from the order list? Edit the quantity?

Another thing is that this order has 1 item still back-ordered that we expect to ship shortly, so the order will have another shipment applied to it and the shipment currently included with the order includes the returned item.

I guess I am looking for a procedure for handling returns, refunds, and partial refunds.

Have you looked at the RMA addon? It provides the basic tools for handling returns (including the customer requesting the RMA) and adjusting the order. You will still need to deal with the refund manually but this may help with the record keeping.


no I didn’t… I had it in my mind that it was primarily for wholesale accounts…

I will look into it, thanks.