Refund Of Cs-Cart License

Just wanted to check if anyone here has purchased the CS-Cart License before and has then requested to cancel it and get a refund on the paid amount?

I have submitted my request to cancel and refund my order through the client support portal, and still waiting to hear back. Am guessing cos it's the holidays it might take a while. So in the mean time, wanted to get some feedback from others who may have done it too - was it an easy process, and how long did it take?

Just to clarify, the cancellation of the license is NOT because I'm unhappy with CS-Cart. I still plan to continue using it in the free mode. It suits 90% of the requirements. It's just unfortunate the other 10% isn't fulfilled by the full version, so I've had to get third-party developers to create customised extensions. It also doesn't help that the full-version can't just be applied to one storefront. I was forced to close two other storefronts on my site since the licence didn't allow it, even though I didn't need a full version for those sub-sites.